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If you are interested in designing or building an Outdoor Fireplace in Houston, Katy, Cypress and surrounding areas, Outdoor you is here for you. Borne out of a passion for making outdoors as comfortable as indoors, we design and install eye-catching fire places that are as durable and functional as they are attractive and value-enhancing.

Add a warm & cozy glow to your outdoor with a fireplace

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is arguably the most favored patio feature. It makes for a great focal point, and draws friends and family together in an inviting environment. If you have and enjoy the warmth and coziness of a fire inside your home, you might want to replicate that atmosphere in your outdoor living space. An outdoor fireplace more closely mimics the style and feel of an indoor fireplace. If you have the room in your budget, this might be an aspect of your outdoor living space where you’d want to invest more money. Fireplaces can be built with large chimneys and storage space for wood and tools with which to tend a fire

Choices of Outdoor FirePlace

Nothing evokes after-hours ambiance like a fire. It is the source of heat, light and sociability, and fire pits make it possible for most everyone to enjoy those beautiful attributes outside their own homes. Outdoor fire pits are available in a multitude of sizes, shapes and finishes. Homeowners can further customize their fire pits by choosing from multiple finish options and optional burning displays, and even custom logs or fire glass to complete the perfect look Below are a few some samples of fire pit and fire bowl that outdoor you is proud to offer

Fuel Source

If you have the ability to access and trench to your residential gas meter, you are lucky indeed. A certified plumber can install a gas line that will make the operation of your fire pit a snap.
If your only choice is propane, you can choose either remotely located propane tank, or hidden propane tank configuration. An outdoor fire pit with a propane tank contained within the base, accessible via a hinged door will sit slightly higher than it’s remotely-fueled cousin – about 24″ to 26″ – but is still a comfortable height, suitable also as a low table. With hidden propane tank source, the fire pit can change location more easily than one with an underground fuel line connection.

Gas Fireplace

By offering the look of a wood fireplace with no-nonsense, hands-off appeal, Heat & Glo gas fireplaces provide an easy to use, gorgeously designed alternative. With remote control options, gas fireplaces from Heat & Glo provide the ultimate in heating and convenience

Wood Fireplace

If you’re looking for rustic appeal, wood burning fireplaces offer the ideal design element. Bask in the warm glow, and soak in the charming smell and feel that only a traditional wood-burning fireplace can provide.

Fireplace Finishing

If you are looking for the ultimate in fireplace efficiency and ease of use, electric fireplaces provide the perfect home heating solution. With these fireplaces, all you need is an electric outlet nearby to enjoy the warmth and ambiance that only a live fire can offer.

Fireplace Finishing

Fire pits / fire bowl are fabricated in a range of materials, from concrete to steel to aluminum. Choose the finish that suits your taste and lifestyle, as well as your tolerance for maintenance. If your outdoor living area is in a corrosive environment such as salt air, or if the fire pit sits on a porous surface that is easily stained, powder coating a metal structure will protect the fire pit and surrounding area. Concrete fire pits are beautiful, but require a little bit more maintenance. You might have to seal it once a year and cover it during winter seasons.

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Outdoor Fireplace Builder Houston TX

If you are interested in designing or building an outdoor fireplace in Houston, Katy, Cypress and surrounding areas, Outdoor You is who you need on your team. Whether you’re looking to extend the summer nights or delay the coming of a Texas cold front, you can stay a bit longer outside with an outdoor fireplace. In Houston, Texas, outdoor fireplaces are an inviting, safe way to make your landscape come alive, “ignite” a romantic evening, or simply provide warmth and coziness while entertaining

The Outdoor You team is highly skilled at designing and building a relaxing outdoor gathering place that fits your needs as well as your budget. Our fireplaces are carefully drafted and constructed to provide many seasons of safe, comfortable use. We work with you by putting your personality and desires into your custom fireplace, and we develop a design that is functional, beautiful, and ready to withstand much of Houston’s precarious weather conditions. We design with you in mind, but we also keep in mind the flow of your landscape. 

Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit Design Services in Houston, Cypress, Katy, and Surrounding Areas

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